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CrowdAboutNow / Crowdfunding campaign Sports Online BV

One step closer to helping Wintersport-store/Sports Online grow further and realize our plans. Can you help us?

Hi Winter sports enthusiast,

I will soon start a crowdfunding campaign to take the next step with Wintersports Store / Sports Online. And for this I would first like to approach you and ask if you can help us take this next step. That's why I'm asking you! Would you like to invest in Wintersports Store / Sports Online BV?

My plans:

We want to use the money to realize the following points:

Further digitalization. To further automate order processing. Automatically update/adjust the products and stocks. There are plenty of parties that want to participate, but there are still some steps to be taken in terms of technology.
Purchasing goods. We now often work on a dropship basis, which means that we use products from others. This gives us lower margins than if we were to purchase it ourselves. We now want to be able to purchase stock with brands that we have been working with for some time and are successful.
Working capital: We need working capital so that we can add the right products to our range when it comes our way.
And for when Crowdfunding really becomes a success: Then we would like an office with a store to receive customers.

We are now growing at least 50% in turnover every month, we need more cash flow to continue to sustain this growth and improve margins and reach our break-even point

In order to implement our plans for this season, we still need €80,000, which I want to crowdfund via crowdfunding platform CrowdAboutNow.

We are looking for approximately 200 people who invest on average (€500/€1000). This is a loan, you will get the money back in 3 years with an annual interest of 4% and nice extras such as a Hoodie from and a trip to Austria for premium investors. (3 days in Austria)


You can help me by donating an amount now. In exchange for your investment, you will receive awesome, exclusive crowdfunding rewards.

Will you participate for €250? Then you will receive a T-shirt.
From €500 you get a Hoodie from
From €1000 you will receive a 50 euro voucher in addition to a Hoodie and a T-shirt.
From €10,000 you get a free trip to Austria. Enjoy 3 days in the snow in Austria on the slopes

A good start is... half the battle, indeed! The success of a crowdfunding campaign often has to do with a flying start in the first two weeks. That's why I'm already collecting pledges from my friends and family before the start of the campaign. My question to you is: will you participate, and if so, what amount would you participate for?

I think it would be fantastic if you would help us with a commitment and a definitive loan at a later stage. In this way, we all ensure that can continue to grow, the margins are improved and that we keep personnel costs as low as possible.

I like to hear from you. Don't want or can't participate? Please let me know as well, all feedback at this stage is welcome.

Send me an email with your answer.

You can also donate directly via Paypal. Donate now!

Greetings Dion,

Worldwide Shipping
Products from top brands
Various payment options
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